Friday, June 06, 2008

Silverlight Bar Chart and Wizard Samples

I spent some time on some silverlight samples, so I thought I'd make them available to the world. Someone may find them useful as a starting point or just a learning exercise. These are done with VS2008 and silverlight 2.0 beta 1. They are:
  • A silverlight bar chart / graph application.
  • A silverlight wizard.
Bar Chart: The bar itself was stolen then modified from here. Note if you download it that clicking on the service button won't work, just the update from HTML.

Wizard: This was created by this guy. When I downloaded it, it didn't work. Note that the arrows are actually images (which probably shouldn't be used as long as you have XAML). It is a good model, though. The whole wizard is one control, all the data is in one thing, no postbacks and the next/back is just a smooth animation. It makes a wizard a very easy, clean thing.